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Hello, i have a shop with only 9 products.
I want to show all them in my homepage...
But now i can show them in the homepage only with some modules like latest products. The problem of this module is that in my theme even if i want to display 9 products, it show me a carousel/slider with 4 products for time...

I want this structure::


is this possible?? Thank you very much
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Have you tried using the live edit mode? In back office under modules - positions. top right corner there is a button.


Basically you need a module that ties into one of the home page display hooks, where it shows all your products. All other hooks (left column, etc.) need to be disabled (or empty)


Also you can try under Preferences - Themes - Advanced settings, see if you get anywhere playing around with those settings.


Otherwise you'd have to get dirty and modify your index.tpl file.

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