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Error pago paypal (Pantalla en blanco)


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Despues de actualizar de las version a las version tengo problemas a la hora del pago mediante paypal.


He habiliado los errores y este es el codigo que me arroja:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PrestaShopException' with message 'Property Address->phone is empty' in /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/classes/ObjectModel.php:866 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/classes/ObjectModel.php(272): ObjectModelCore->validateFields() #1 /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/classes/ObjectModel.php(625): ObjectModelCore->getFields() #2 /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/classes/Address.php(189): ObjectModelCore->update(false) #3 /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/classes/ObjectModel.php(442): AddressCore->update(false) #4 /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php(212): ObjectModelCore->save() #5 {main} thrown in /homepages/22/d441879687/htdocs/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 866


Podeis echarme un mano??



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