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Override existing admin page template


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I cant figure out how to use this in my module. I would like to override or add additional block in orders/_product_line.tpl.


Im looking at prestashop documentation: Using helpers to overload a back-office template ,but how to use this??


{extends file="helpers/options/options.tpl"} 
{block name="after"}    <p style="color:red;text-align:center;">Block after : add a text after the form</p>{/block}

  • override/controllers/admin/templates/orders/: overloading folder for templates that already exist in admin/themes/default/template/controllers/orders/

So I should put _product_line.tpl file in modules/mymodule/override/controllers/admin/templates/orders/ with only this code , but what exactly I must extends? {extends file="_product_line.tpl"} ?


I have tried to copy a orginal _product_line.tpl file add manually code to file and put it to: mymodule/override/controllers/admin/templates/orders but nothing..


Ech, I really need to solve this. Thanks for any help or code example, advice.


Best regards!

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Your module need not to override thru the override folder.

Your module define its own views/admin/... structure and extends or superceed the native template...

Within your controller you just access your template first

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Thank you for clarifying that.


Suppose I'd like to override:


I've moved my list_footer.tpl to:


and installed my module, but nothing changes. What did I do wrong?


My mistake, I've discovered here the list_footer.tpl should be placed in:


but after reinstalling the module still no changes ;/

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Well I am confused ... dont you need some controller to "energize" your changes?

I mean you plan to add something on the page this something need data? where they come from?


If all you need is some design changes, you don't need a odule at all and in that case, yes you override the admin theme thru the override folder

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