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Product Page and Cart Font Change


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I'm looking for a wee bit of help with two sections of font that I can't find to change. I've managed to change every bit of font I want to except for the two below. I'd be grateful if anyone could direct me to the specific line and file that I need to make the changes in.


1. Category heading font on product page. I want to change the category heading and description font for each of my product pages but can't seem to find it. For example on page  http://thelearningemporium.co.uk/shop/12-literacy I want the large category title of 'Literacy' to be shown in a different font.


2. Cart button font and name in the top right corner of each page. I can see how to change pretty much every font in the cart page except for the button that is on every page. I also want to change 'Cart' to 'Basket' and have managed to do this for the cart page but not for the button in the corner of every page.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, for change the font of the heading title, you need to edit global.css (line 6193) and add:



font-family: your_font !important;




for the cart, the file is blockcart.css in themes/default-bootstrap/css/modules/blockcart/blockcart.css


for example, if you want to change the font of art button, you have to edit 


.shopping_cart > a:first-child b{....}

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Thanks for the help. The cart button works great, thanks. I must have gone into that file ten times and changed every don't in sight but somehow missed the one you pointed out!


Unfortunately the product listing header isn't working. I've tried variations of your suggestion, including adding font size and colour, but still no joy. Any other ideas?

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