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Email reply link broken


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Hi all!


I've faced the following problem: I send a message to a customer by BO. He receives a message with a reply link - by default to save the message thread.


The link looks like that: http://regionova.pl/kontakt?id_customer_thread=25&token=yDgbgtnrphRa


Entering it the contact page appears, but it's broken - can't enter any topic etc.post-894919-0-40810600-1424776125_thumb.png I've discovered, that if i add "amp;" after ampersand symbol everything works.post-894919-0-21894200-1424776141_thumb.png


The working link:  http://regionova.pl/kontakt?id_customer_thread=25&token=yDgbgtnrphRa


So, the question is what should i do to make prestashop render that "amp;" inside or maybe there is a different solution?

I've found that the {link} phrase is responsible to paste the proper link inside mail. The file is in mails\en\reply_msg.




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It's line 420 of controllers/admin/AdminCustomerThreadsController.php that creates that link:

                        '{link}' => Tools::url(
                            $this->context->link->getPageLink('contact', true, null, null, false, $ct->id_shop),

You can try changing the & there.

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