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Quick help with $feature


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Im trying to get the product features in the product list and has come to a problem.


I want to use the name or id of the feature to show a picture instead of the value of the feature.


I have done this:


{if isset($product.features)}
<div class="features">
{foreach from=$product.features item=feature name=pr_features}



and get the array like this:

Array ( [name] => Diameter (mm) [value] => 60 [id_feature] => 1 ) 1Array ( [name] => Dimbar [value] => Ja [id_feature] => 2 ) 1Array ( [name] => Höjd (mm) [value] => 45 [id_feature] => 3 ) 1Array ( [name] => Längd (mm) [value] => 45 [id_feature] => 4 ) 1


Is it possible to use the id_feature with an if statement to get the correct value?


for example:


{if $id_feature == 1}<span id="diameter" title="{$feature.value}mm diameter"></span><span id="diameter_text">{$feature.value}</span> {/if}


The problem is that i cant get the function to work, i dont get any result.


Anyone that can help me out?

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