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I want to change the html code but when i open a .tpl file, the file is saying:


''Do not edit or add to this file if you wish to upgrade PrestaShop to newer versions in the future.''


Is this is a problem? Or is there a different way to change the html?



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When you update prestashop installations it does overwrite any file included in the update so you can lose your modifications. There are ways around this but it may depend on exactly what you are trying to do


Can you give a fuller explanation, which files do you want to modify, how and why?

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Thanks for your fast reaction.


I really want to change everything that i can't find in the different modules. Like the 

text in my header and footer. Background collors of the menu and different buttons etc.


But i also want to update Prestashop to it's latest versions, so i really hope you have

a solution!

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