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importing product only home page problems


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Hi, I have a problem with the aversion

  when I import products via csv, all products end up on the home page. if I open the product category is correct and then saving the product category also corrects.

  the problem is that maybe 100-150 importing products must then open a product at a time and save it to get it going in the correct category.

  has anyone encountered this problem? and in the event, as has been solved?

Another problem is that when I open a product the bottom button "save" remains to spin for about 30/40 seconds

  thanks for any help




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It looks like the 'default category' stays at 'home'.


Didn't this happen to you in older versions? If so, which version still did work for you correctly?


(Or is this the first version you tried on?)


Can you attach a sample files you try to import?




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Hello, thanks for the reply, I think it's just a bug in version 11. because when I first version 9 I had no problems, yesterday I tried to install in subdomain version 12 still in beta version, and has placed in categories correct place with the same csv I used for the previous version that gave me error

tested and then doing a nuovca installing version 9 on another subdomain and even there it always fails, so either is a bug or a problem between servere and php



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