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Show amount of products that has not been shipped (Backordering) in Backoffice

R. Svinding

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Hi there...


Since "partial delivery" is a HUGE issue and affects many aspects of a shop.. im looking for a workaround.

This could simply be... a text-box to "mark" if a given productline has been shipped.


E.g. the order has 15 lines of different products.

The customer ordered 15 pcs. of a given product.. but we only have 5 in stock!

Instead of letting the customer wait until we recieve the remaining 10.. i'll ship the 5 units and want "somewhere" to enter "10" as backordered E.g. in a field named "Shipped". I'm thinking.. a simple text-field at the end of the product line (_product_line.tpl)


I've come so far as making the "label"appear in Backoffice and i guess all i need now - is to "call" the field "shipped" and where to put my new field "shipped" in the database (ps_order_detail ??)


Any help is much apprecated since we REALLY need this "feature"



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