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redirection of removed products


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Hello guys,

could somebody please help me:


where to redirect urls of old removed products from prestashop

Is it right to redirect them to 404 page or to homepage? (whats better?)




Actually when I type link of removed product to browser it redirects me to custom page of my website but just with warning in red rectangle:

1 error 1. Product not found

see the attachment



Thanks in advance.


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Hello all,


I am still looking for working solution.


I would like to know, how to automaticaly redirect deleted products (categories, or any page) to right page - should be 404 page not found page, not just display that warning in the rectangle (see first post).


Any tips please?


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I know how old is this topic but still actual ;) I'm searching exactly what you asked for.
I would have automatically redirect from every deactivated (inactive) products to its default category. Instead 404 error page which is presented now. Of course 404 pages now have bad impact on SEO and UX...

There are two possible solutions which I had found.

1. Setting manually every time redirect in your htacces file. Like example below:

RewriteRule ^en/category-name/194-my-deactivated-product-name(\/.*)?$ https://palmatum.pl/en/category-name [R=301,L]

2. Purchase module like this: prestatoolbox.com/seo/319-redirect-301-302-disabled-or-deleted-products.html

I can't find any free module or description how to change this.

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Or you also have this one : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/url-redirects/21428-redirections-manager-manage-301-302-and-404-urls.html

that will automatically redirect disabled products to their default category and also add redirects for products you will delete.

i have just buyed your module and is installed, but it is not working well.


And is not possible to ask a question from the module, in the module question page.


I have just try with a supplier and manufacturer disabled and it don't do any redirect.


I have also try with a disabled product and it redirect it to the disabled category also if i have set to redirect to the homepage the deleted products.


I need all the disabled products and disabled supplier, manufactirer and cms redirect simply to the homepage.


Becouse we never delete anything, we simply disable.


Please fix this module.



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Edit 2017-06-20 : since v 1.1.5 Redirections Manager does redirect disabled products / categories / CMS pages and categories / manufacturers and suppliers. It also enable to automatically redirect 404 errors that match an url scheme defined in PrestaShop.

Feel free to test the module demohttps://demo1-6.smart-plugs.net/adminDemo/ ([email protected] / demodemo)


Edit 2017-07-03 : since v 1.1.6 Redirections Manager is fully compatible with the clean url modules «Pretty URLs» from FME and «Advanced URL» by vipcom.



Hi Derres,


As written above and in the addons page the module is designed to :

  • Automatically redirect disabled products
  • Automatically redirect deleted products

It also automatically add redirect on :

  • Category deletion
  • Manufacturer deletion
  • CMS deletion
  • Supplier deletion

And have many other features like :

  • catch 404 error to find old deleted URLs
  • Import tools
  • Delete tools


And other abilities like redirect URLs whatever the querystring is just for example.


As you can see this module is not designed to redirect disabled categories / CMS / manufacturers / suppliers (on version 1.1.4). It looks like your «test» was a bit too quick, don't you think ?


You wrote «is not possible to ask a question from the module, in the module question page» but the facts are that i received your message and wrote two answers you even did not reply to.


I feel like your «test» and the kind of bad review you just posted is a bit unfair as it's all about features that does not exists.

In case, as you wrote in a public page instead of sending a message on the addons support, i just want to precise that :

  • No bug report has been made about this module for monthes
  • It is sold on addons and has been validated by addons (not the case of many others modules)
  • It has like 18 five stars reviews on 23

I will do something for your disabled categories but it will take some time because we will have to test everything on every PS version and then wait a bit for PrestaShop validation.



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