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VAT according to "delivery address" not added to shopping cart


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Hello everybody,


All EU based companies have the same issue : we should apply VAT according to the "delivery address" of the customer. I do not sell B2B, by the way, so VAT should be charged always within EU destinations.

To destinations outside the EU, we do not charge VAT.


I have this settings in Localization/Taxes (Prestashop :

Enable Tax : Yes

Display Tax in Shopping Cart : Yes

Based On : Delivery Address


I have also Enabled Taxes for each EU country in Localization/Taxes

I have also Enabled Taxes for each EU country in Localization/Tax Rules (maximum tax rate in my case)

Nevertheless, VAT is only added to domestic customers (Spain) and not to customers of other European countries.
I have only configured prices to be shown as "tax excluded" in Catalog, given that the opposite may be considered misleading for foreign customers when going from status "visitor" and starting "add to cart" to the registration + 5 step payment process...
Can anyone tell me what's wrong in my settings?… Thanks in advance...



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In addition to the config described above, I have the following settings in the Catalog/Products :


CATALOG / PRODUCTS / Prices Tab of any product :

"Tax Rule" in the product settings page force you to choose among "no tax" or any of the other countries' VAT… I chose ES Standard Rate (21%)...

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I think I have figured it out. It won't work if there are just tax rules for the delivery countries but it is necessary to add the tax rates for all delivery countries to the tax rule that applies to the product. Can anybody confirm that this is the correct way to add the foreign taxes?

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Problem is that I would have to apply the new EU tax to more than 700 products. Anyway thanks for the hint. I will keep the EU tax module in mind. It seems to work if adding the foreign taxes to the tax that is applied to the products. For now I think I can live with this workaround.

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Hi there,


I have solved it long ago but given that no-one had shown interest I didn't wrote the solution.

It was a configuration problem, you don't need to install any module.



I created a single "tax rule" that I named "VAT standard rates"




Within the rule "VAT standard rates" I added a RULE for each Country where I have delivery enabled

Spain : 21%

Germany : 19%

France : 20%

(and so on…)




For each product :

Go to CATALOG/PRICES and choose the "tax rule" that applies which in my case I named "VAT standard rates"



If you plan to install a module, I suggest you install a module for massive changes, so it would help you to choose the TAX RULE for all your catalogue, as well as any other massive changes you may need.




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After Brexit was scratching my head how to apply different VAT per country.

This seems to solve my problem and Prestashop (v1.7) seems to be able to figure out the users country and automatically show the correct price based on the country (by IP) even before setting the delivery country.


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