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Capture values from fields added in DisplayCarrierList hook


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Hello, im creating carrier module. This carrier has option which customer has to select. I found that DisplayCarrierList hook is what i was needed. BUT how can i get selected value? which hook returns them to me? i added simple Select with 70 options, customer have to choose one. I see that my Select is in Form so value should be sent somewhere. 


Is there possibility to get them via some hook? displayOrderConfirmation doesnt help - never gets executed in my hookdisplayOrderConfirmation function.


PS i really do not want to use JS for this.


Presta shop 1.6.11

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Hi, have you try to got it by using hookActionCarrierProcess?


Hmm somwhow i never saw this hook. Thanks will try now :)


EDIT: didnt help. Does not return my test input field's value. Also this hook is fired too early, payment confirmation page is still shown but hook is fired. Looks too early. But would be good too if only return values.

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