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How to add a new field for Customers in Prestashop 1.6 ?


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Hello everybody,


i would like to add a new field for customers in prestashop 1.6


1/ i add a new field in Customer table (for example : my_date - Date type of course)


2/ i have to override the Customer Class


i found this example : 

class Customer extends CustomerCore{

    public function __construct($id = null)

    //Overriding method customerExists
    public static function customerExists($email, $return_id = false, $ignore_guest = true)
             $result = FALSE;           
            //Write custom your code here 

            return $result;

what is the custom code for adding my field "my_date" ?


3/ i have to modify the back office view too


this is the tree of files for /themes/default/template/controllers/customers :




helpers/list/list_header.tpl and index.php

helpers/view/view.tpl and index.php


What are the files to modify ?


what are the modifications to apply ?


4/ i don't want that my new field appears in front office, only on back office



Any ideas ?


Thanks you in advance







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