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Calling a function of a class module


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Hi, how can I call a function of a class of a module?
To avoid entering the same code in multiple pages php I would call a function located within a module.



class BLController4 { 

  public static function getMpProduct($id_product) { 




In the class PaymentModule.php I want to draw the function result getMpProduct()

What should I write?

Thank you

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In which folder should I move the function getMpProduct ?





I was also trying to find a solution for another operation that I have to play.
While sending the product to your cart and saving in the table ps_cart_product I wish that would save the form data in a database table created by me.


Doing research I saw that just insert the module function "hookActionCartSave".


Just before saving this data, I should recover other values located in the "containsProduct" within classes/Cart.php


I could very well enter an INSERT sql inside the function classes/Cart.php or override/classes/Cart.php and solve the problem, but I would avoid putting extra code to these files. Would that be the module to handle all this.


So I come to my question:
How do I get in the function hookActionCartSave data processed within the function "containsProduct" managing everything from the module?
Thank you
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For now I have done so:
Let me give an example by simplifying the code doing flounder only a value such as Product ID
Expect to receive data from the function containsProduct () to elaborarmi data

class MyClasse {

public static function getMyData($id_product){






This function is launched when you click on Add to Cart
In this example I'm only sending a value as the product id.


public function containsProduct($id_product){



I would like to retrieve the values that are caught in the function containsProduct only inserting the code inside the module "mymodule, and then without entering "MyClasse::getMyData($id_product);" e "include_once(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'mymodule/controllers/front/BL.php');" inside override/classes/Cart.php .

Is there a way?
thank you

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