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Email template configuration on custom payment module


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I am creating a custom payment module, which connects to some bank payment gateway, all work well if i set the Advance Parameters > Emails to "Never send email", but if i set it to anything but that, it throws me an "Invalid email template" error.


I have browse around for solutions without finding any.


I have put templates in 

themes/my_theme/mails/en/ (and everywhere else i can find mails folder)

 but this doesn't seem to be the issue


so i did a little research, apparently whats causing this is my module's validation.php 

validateOrder() => OrderHistory::addWithemail => Mail::Send()

if i do a dump on Mail::Send() arguments, my $template value is always ''


so my question is, where can i set this $template ?


i see an initiation of OrderState object inside my install method where i can have 


and i have tried setting

 $orderState->template = $this->name;

also with no luck



Please help

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