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Search not working if language is not english


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Update: the seach module don't work in multi language; only english data are written in database.


Manually inserting in the tables

- search_index

- search_word

the values taken from the backup of last working database (from, the search works.


So, PrestaShop team, we need you fix it asap!!!

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Same issue using PrestaShop if I try searching a product (identical name and description in all languages), its only found in English. Product catalog is under 10 items.



-Trying the "Add missing products to index" function did not work.

[ Preferences > Search >Add missing products to the index (small link at the bottom) ]

-Rebuilding the index DID work.

[ Preferences > Search >Re-build the entire index (small link at the bottom) ]

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I have a somewhat similar problem, and the solutions provided here did solve it.


Shop is here: http://tabatekku.com/index.php


The shop have two languages, English and Japanese. Some of the products in Japanese also use Latin characters


Search with Latin characters works fine in English. If I change language to Japanese, results will only show when Japanese characters are used in search, not Latin characters.


* I have tried "Add missing products to the index" and "Re-build the entire index", neither helped.

* I have checked the database search table, and there are entries in it.

* I have updated Prestashop from to, but that didn't solve the issue either.


Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing the issue on my site?

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