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[solved]: Add Terms of Service in the Invoice upon Order placement


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I need some help with regards to adding the Terms and Conditions (only some clauses as mentioned below) in the Invoice once the order is placed by the customer. These instructions needs to be attached after the Order details.


Terms and Conditions Sections that I want to insert in the Invoice template are (these are the 3 different CMS pages and are hidden for Front-End display)

1. General Agreement Section

2. Delivery Policy

3. Pricing Policy



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I believe you have 3 options


1) create a new module that uses the pdfinvoice hook.  that allows you to add content to the bottom of the invoice

2) do not create a new module, but instead just change the /pdf/invoice.tpl file directly to add your content

3) use an existing module that allows you to customize your invoices.  something like this


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you will need to edit or override the Invoice class (/classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php).  This has a function called getContent.  In this function, you would add logic to obtain the CMS content, and place that content into a smarty variable.  Then in your invoice.tpl you would display the smarty variable.

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Thanks bellini, thanks for the tip. I have used the one below


in HTMLTemplateInvoice.php - added $cmspage and in $data array


public function getContent()
$invoice_address = new Address((int)$this->order->id_address_invoice);
$country = new Country((int)$invoice_address->id_country);

$formatted_invoice_address = AddressFormat::generateAddress($invoice_address, array(), '<br />', ' ');
$formatted_delivery_address = '';

if ($this->order->id_address_delivery != $this->order->id_address_invoice)
$delivery_address = new Address((int)$this->order->id_address_delivery);
$formatted_delivery_address = AddressFormat::generateAddress($delivery_address, array(), '<br />', ' ');

$customer = new Customer((int)$this->order->id_customer);

$cmspage = new CMS(1, $this->context->language->id);

$data = array(
'order' => $this->order,
'order_details' => $this->order_invoice->getProducts(),
'cart_rules' => $this->order->getCartRules($this->order_invoice->id),
'delivery_address' => $formatted_delivery_address,
'invoice_address' => $formatted_invoice_address,
'tax_excluded_display' => Group::getPriceDisplayMethod($customer->id_default_group),
'tax_tab' => $this->getTaxTabContent(),
'customer' => $customer,
'cms_page' => $cmspage

if (Tools::getValue('debug'))


return $this->smarty->fetch($this->getTemplateByCountry($country->iso_code));

In invoice.tpl file, I am calling this 


 but the output returned is "Array" as a value. Is there anything that I am doing wrong.

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