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customer address fields as user firstname and lastname


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i know that no one gonna answer me anyway as i asked many question before and no one answered me till now and i figured it out myself and posted the answer here...but i'm gonna write my problem here anyway..maybe if i find a solution later for my problem it will help somebody else in this forum...


ok where is my problem?in my case i just built registeration form so user can register with only email and password.so right now his/her name and family is empty but i want to get that info later on checkout...when user go on checkout he/she will ask to enter his/her firstname and lastname and address so i want to get that firstname and lastname and put it in his firstname as lastname...so i have to check database if there is available firstname and lastname and if there is i wont update that fields but if there is not i will update that fields for first time when he/she enter his/her address info (name,family,address...etc)


so what i need?i dont want you guys to tell me what to do or what to code but just if somebody know in which file prestashop insert address fileds into database?i cant findout where so i can update things with my own code..


thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

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