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Image not resizing when added programatically


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I am abel to add image programatically. But images are not getting resized. In other words resized images are not generating. Attaching the code I use :

$image = new Image();
        $id_image = Product::getCover($id_product);
        $shops = Shop::getShops(true, null, true);
        $image->id_product = $id_product;
        $image->position = Image::getHighestPosition($id_product) + 1;
        $image->cover = true; // or false;
        if (($image->validateFields(false, true)) === true &&
            ($image->validateFieldsLang(false, true)) === true && $image->add())
            if (!AdminImportControllerExtended::copyImgCustom($id_product, $image->id, $image_url, 'products', false))

Any one know what I am missing ?

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