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Hi Just posted this on the bug tracker - I woudl love it if anyone could help me with this error

Has anyone esle read it, or had a similar experience?



Basically the issue that I have is that when the pdf for the order is generated, any item that has had a discount subtracted kicks an incorrect SECOND subtotal.

The invoice breakdown::

1: Total (tax excl.) - this is correct and has had the discount subtracted (i.e. £10.00 off per 5 items etc)
2: Total (tax incl.) - this again is correct and has had the current VAT rate (17.5%) added on to the discounted total
3: Shipping (if applies) this is the amount of shipping - if there is no shipping, then this doesn't appear.
4: Final subtotal - if there is shipping, then then this final subtotal is the tax incl. plus the shipping. Despite the fact that this looks confusing having 2 subtotals if there is no shipping, *IT IS WRONG*. The second total that

shows is the tax incl. BEFORE the discount has been taken off, so there are 2 different subtotals and the latter is incorrect.

*Please see included example*

On the attached jpg, you can see the 2 subtotals are wrong - there is no shipping to be added on hence there is no shipping on the PDF (even though in my opinion it should say 'shipping = £0.00'). On this test buy I have bought 12 items

making it eligible for a £2.51 discount per item - which has been subtracted form the first subtotal :: £461.00 so -

The items pre-tax retail is £40.96.

I have bought 12 of these in my test buy - this means that this £40.96 will get £2.51 subtracted from each one, so the new pre-tax retail will be £38.45...this means that the re-tax retail is::

38.45 * 12 = 461.40 (£461.40 = this is bang on )

ADD TAX = (17.5%)

461.40 * 1.175 = 542.16 (£542.16 = prestashop is 1 out on the second decimal place (0.01), but this is not the real issue)

--NO SHIPPING ADDED-- this is correct
So the second subtotal with tax on the pdf says - £547.42.

Subtract mine from this - 547.42 - 542.16 = 5.26 ... £5.26 difference.

--I worked this out as -

Take the 2.51 discount - multiply this by 12 to get the gross discount and add Tax to it -

2.51 * 12 = 30.12

(30.12 / 100) * 17.5 = 5.27 (0.01 out here - strange maybe we're rounding something different)

-- I tried my theory on a few different items with discounts and it seems to hold up.

Pretty serious error in my opinion and I would find it hard to believe that nobody else has noticed it - but I can't find anything in the forum.

I would please like some confirmation that I am correct - I think the PDF id a bit crappy anyways, but I'm not keen on editing the code unless a moderator can confirm and suggest.

Maybe this is a really simple error - or somebody has already fixed it?!

I look forward to some help and guidance.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Fixed - after a hell of a lot of frusration and calculations, I manageed to sort it.... I can't remember what line it was on, but I simply located the relevant variables and made sure that I only applied VAT or TAX to the discounted total - NOT the original total.

Still no real closure here though and not a word from an admin... I reported this to the bug tracker and it has been in the forum a while now with no real resolve.

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...I can't remember what line it was on...

Alôrs là ca devient intéressant! Mais quelle dommâge, qu'il ne souvient pas ce qu'il avait fait :(
I hope you'll share the information when you find out which line it was.

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Hmm - I can't remember exactly what I did - but it wasnt really a substantial error, the cart equations are correct, it just references a wrong var when it writes the PDF.

I have enclosed my pdf class file so you can either use it or examine (i think this is the correct one).

Let me know how you get on.



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No, I dealt with it by deleting the last 2 lines entirely :D
I'm not going to spend time on it until the next job (my boss thinks I've other more important things to do).
But I'll surely tell you when I get the opportunity to try...

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