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get the last li occurance in blocktopmenu.php


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hi as the title is obvious i need to get the last occurance of li in this generator function

private function generateCategoriesMenu($categories, $is_children = 0)
		$html = '';

		foreach ($categories as $key => $category)
			if ($category['level_depth'] > 1)
				$cat = new Category($category['id_category']);
				$link = Tools::HtmlEntitiesUTF8($cat->getLink());
				$link = $this->context->link->getPageLink('index');

			$html .= '<li'.(($this->page_name == 'category'
				&& (int)Tools::getValue('id_category') == (int)$category['id_category']) ? ' class="sfHoverForce"' : '').'>';
			$html .= '<a href="'.$link.'" title="'.$category['name'].'">'.$category['name'].'</a>';

			if (isset($category['children']) && !empty($category['children']))
				$html .= '<ul>';
				$html .= $this->generateCategoriesMenu($category['children'], 1);
				if ((int)$category['level_depth'] > 1 && !$is_children)
						$files = scandir(_PS_CAT_IMG_DIR_);

						if (count($files) > 0)
							$html .= '<li class="category-thumbnail">';

							foreach ($files as $file){
								if (preg_match('/^'.$category['id_category'].'-([0-9])?_thumb.jpg/i', $file) === 1){
									$html .= '<div><img src="'.$this->context->link->getMediaLink(_THEME_CAT_DIR_.$file)
									.'" alt="'.Tools::SafeOutput($category['name']).'" title="'
									.Tools::SafeOutput($category['name']).'" class="imgm" /></div>';

							$html .= '</li>';
				$html .= '</ul>';
			$html .= '</li>';

		return $html;

  as you can see in the image that i uploaded if that image of category go to one next sublevel my problem will solve..


any type of help will be appreciate


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