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When i open 1 of my product on the website, there is also a mention of the condition of the product.

I my case i only sell new product so i was wondering if there is an option to hide the condition of

the product?


To make my question more clearly i have a picture of how i looks at this moment.


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Unfortunately, I don't believe that there is a back-office setting to turn this functionality on/off. (At least, there isn't in version, which I use.)


There are a couple of ways to solve it, though:

(1) Change the CSS code for this item to "display:none", or

(2) Edit the code (probably in product.tpl) to disable the generation of this content.


I haven't given you files and exact lines of code because I'm not sitting in front of it right now but these are the basic methods. I have removed that content from my site but, to be honest, I don't remember which method I used.

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