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Help, i need to create new colors for atributtes combinations.

Diego Rojo Rubio

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Do you need to show a specific illustration of the color?

Can the color be recreated using only a number (RGB, CMYK or similar) or would an image be required to illustrate?


For example, "red" is a color that can be represented and reproduced by a number (#ff0000), "red plaid" would require an image.


Color attributes are a special kind of attribute (colors that can be represented by a number). The information for a color attribute is associated with the attribute.


Other attributes (like those that require images to illustrate) are just words ("red plaid"). After you create a combination product with an attribute "red plaid", you would upload an image to associate with the combination product. The information (image) for a non-color attribute is associated with the product.


Alternatively, you may not need an image to illustrate the color. For example, people understand "chrome" without seeing it. If you DO want to show an example of the chrome product, handle it like "red plaid" above:

- Create an non-color type attribute called "chrome". (Again, this is just a WORD that will appear in your pull-down select list. It can mean whatever you want it to.)

- Create a combination product using the "chrome" attribute.

- Upload an image of the chrome product to associate with the product.

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