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To many redirects


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I have a annoying problem on our category pages (only category pages). net::ERR_TO_MANY_REDIRECTS.


From what I can see, it's only related to when you stand on category pages. And I think the problem starts with it tryng to go to "http://www.example.com/category/none" which fails, and it tries to go to 404, but that fails... it tries to add / at the end, but that fails.. and around we go.


Now, the page content loads just fine.. visualy everything works. Check the image I've attached for more info.


Red = category

Black = domain

"sidan-kunde-inte-hittas" = page could not be found (404)


I use Prestashop 1.6, block categories and Advance URL Module (I tried without advance url module, still the same). I have tried regenerate the htaccess, but still the same. I also noticed that our 404-page have stopped working for some reason.


Any ideas?


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The part with to many redirects I'm guessing has to do with out 404-page not working. So I think that something on the category pages can't be loaded, and it tries to redirect to 404.. wich does not work, and it tries again with a / on the end, and that does not work.. and around we go. So there is probably two problems if I'm not mistaking.


It tries to load a "none" url... example.com/category/none... then example.com/category/none/ then the 404, and then again the 404 with /.


I have no idea where to start looking :/

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