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Additional fees on product level


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to use Prestashop for a B2B e-commerce site. However, I'm facing an interesting challenge. I need to add additional custom fees on a product and I'm curious if there is an option how to do that easily with built-in features, or which way you would go if you were about to do the same task.


Let's see the scenario:

I have a product (assume t-shirt) and I have 15 different combinations of that product (5 colors and 3 sizes per each). So that's what I physically have on stock. This is easy. Now, here's the issue. Customer may decide on whether they want a t-shirt either just as is (plain) or with a sticker, embroidery or anything else. Obviously there is different price for plain t-shirt and t-shirt with some extra work on it (embroidery etc.). The problem is there is just ONE stock information for them (let's say 777 t-shirts no matter what I do with it). That's why I can't use Combinations for it since if everything was a separate combination and someone bought a plain t-shirt, the stock amount for the same t-shirt with embroidery wouldn't change. 


Do you have an idea how this can be resolved? I'd love to omit changes in controllers and views as it would be quite extensive work.


Any help is highly appreciate. 



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Anyone has an idea guys? 


I was thinking about doing this using product customization. Anyways, I would appreciate any information on order process from coding point of view - like what classes I'm shouldn't skip etc. I've already done some changes in PS, but from time to time I realize I forgot to change another relevant thing etc. So, in other words, is there any kind of reference to order process etc.? I'd love to avoid reading all the code.



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