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wrong TO name mail customers Version


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Dear, when you submit the order purchase confirmation email to the buyer, it is sent but in the "To:" Mail, place the name of the recipient and not the buyer, someone knows how to change this ?? 


For me understand a bit, to say the "Nombre Entrega Apellido Entrega" would be the name and surname of the person to whom I send the product, when it should say "Esteban Vivanco" which is my client name


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The order confirmation mail is sent after the 'status' of the order has been changed to "Order success". Order changes have e-mails associated with them. Are you using a custom template or any custom modules? This is not the behaviour that I have experience from prestashop, so I can only imagine this happened because of some modules that are taking over (part of) the order / payment confirmation process.


Any custom template / modules installed? Especially payment providers?

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