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Prestashop with Paypal IPN or Express Checkout?


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This question is here.


What I have done


I read from Paypal site that IPN can be used to:

  • Update their inventory.
  • Email a purchase confirmation.
  • Trigger order fulfillment.
  • Enable download of digital media.
  • Update their customer list.
  • Email a shipping notification.
  • Issue a refund.
  • Update accounting-related information.

And here is a way to configure IPN for Prestashop. Also I saw this file(3rd link) in a Prestashop Github fork.

There is no IPN in main repository, 4th link.

I read that Prestashop is intented to be used with Express Checkout.


My questions

  1. Should I use Prestashop with IPN?
  2. Where can I read how Express Checkout works with Prestashop?

Questions in case I should use IPN:

  1. How to do the most basic setup of IPN within Prestashop?
  2. What will this most basic setup do?

I can share only 2 links :(, 3rd and 4th link will not be here.

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