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[Checkout] Merge/Combine Address & Shipping Steps during checkout


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Hi Prestashop members,


Could you please help me deal with the following problem : 


Can Prestashop merge/combine Address step with Shipping step ?


Precisely, when customer click checkout button in cart summary page, it redirects to the page where address informations + shipping options display, customer can verify delivery and billing addresses, choose carrier and check agreement checbox, then aheads to payment page.


I've discovered some clues in OrderController.php, as in initContent() method for example.

case 1:
				if (Tools::getValue('multi-shipping') == 1)
					$this->context->smarty->assign('product_list', $this->context->cart->getProducts());

			case 2:
				if (Tools::isSubmit('processAddress'))

I think in case 1, the method should be changed to _assignAddressAndCarrier(), in which the logic of _assignAddress() and _assignCarrier() would be called, and redirect to a template containing the content of order_address.tpl + order_carrier.tpl.


Do I miss something to complete this customisation ?


Thanks in advance for your advice.


Best Regards

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