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Word to the wise - Combinations pricing


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Just wanted to share this little problem which came to my attention today when someone ordered a variation of a product...


We're not sure what caused it, but on some items (potentially those offered by one supplier, so possibly linked to the use of a stock management system) all prices for variations on a product were reset to 0.00


A customer of ours has just purchased an item worth £39.99, for the smallest version priced at £9.99.


We are now spending the rest of the day going through all items with combinations to ensure all are priced correctly.


As mentioned, this only seemed to impact on items from one supplier, and one who offered a stock management feed through a plugin, so at the moment we are assuming that this is the culprit.


Having said that, we also updated PS to the newest version in this time, so we cannot confirm precisely what caused this.


If you have specifically priced variations set for some items in the "combinations" area, you really need to go through them and check that they are priced correctly.


Thankfully for us, these were not items which sold in considerable numbers, and once found we were able to deactivate them all while we fix this.


Oh, just to add, we chose to honor the customers purchase and swallow the cost. Others may not be able to do that, but you should check your local laws for a solution if this problem happens. As I understand it, in some countries you are required by law to honor a purchase if an item is priced incorrectly.

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