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ObjectModel::add issue


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Today i just realize the add method of ObjectModel class is not atomic, that means, it can do some part of the job and faill later. Maybe thats not important, but you can end with a lot of products created in your backend with no name, or descriptions or not assigned to any shop in multishop enviroments.

This is because the save product, save shop related tables and save language related tables data happens one after the other, so, if you are lucky it will fail at the beginig, saving the product in our example, or if you arent, it will fail at the end, saving the name and descriptions.


I know is not a bug itself, but maybe the best option is to do the whole procedure as an atomic procedure, maybe using database transactions, or just undoing the work did it if some step fails.


I have no idea where i can tell the development team about it, but i hope it will think about it for the next versions

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