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Keeping old product pages alive!


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Something I would like to do with my webshop is to be able to keep product pages of discontinued items online.




When a certain item is no longer available it should be deactivaded on the website and must not be accessable through the categories or the internal search engine.

I would however like to keep the item available through the direct URL so that whan a customer is searching for an older item through a search engine like Google my website still shows a hit.

When the customer comes on the product page the "Order" button should not appear and there must be a contact form where the customer can ask advice regarding a replacement item.


Anyone any ideas on how to realize this?





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Hello GioSan.




You need to:

1. Keep the product Enabled

2. Uncheck the "Available for order" checkbox (maybe also the "Show price" checkbox, if you want)

3. Set Visibility to "Nowhere"

4. For your last requirement (show a form in the product page), this cannot be done with PrestaShop's out-of-the-box features. You would need either to code this yourself or install an appropriate module that offers such feature. Here's an example of a paid module that looks like it could do this, there may also exist free alternatives available.

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