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Re-attempting payments


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Am i missing something or may the client only atempt payment once for each order?


If the buyer is reaching payment gateway but never pays, the order just hangs there with "waiting for payment" status and the buyer cannot attempt the payment again.


Is there a reason for such design or can we improve user's experience by allowing to try again with the payment somehow ?



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With some payment modules I've experienced the same thing. For example a third party provider where the user has to select the payment method. If he closes the browser at that point, the order becomes "waiting for payment" or any other status that is not failed / succeeded.


I've written a custom cron job (php) that checks for these and marks any 'invalid' payments that have had that status for more than an hour, and I'm cancelling the order. prestashop automatically sends the user an email stating the order failed. We've modified the templates to reflect an extra message regarding automatic order cancellation.


Hope this helps.

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