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[Module] Maximum quantity of product - for PrestaShop 1.7 / 1.6 / 1.5

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new version is available:

  1. added feature to bulk define maximum allowed purchases (so now you can quckly generate limit for cart and for total purchases)
  2. added feature to define the time period for maximum allowed purchases, so for example you can set rules like:
    1. customer can order max 5 quantity of product A during a year
    2. customer can order max 1 quantity of product B during a month
    3. customer can order max 10 quantity of product C during a week
    4. customer can order max 20 quantity of products D (no time period)

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new version of maximum purchases of product available!

  • added improvement to calculation process of maximum allowed product purchases
  • now when you defined the maximum purchases limit, module spawns info about exceeded limit even if customer did not placed an order for this product previously but current cart quantity is higher than allowed
  • module does not spawn information about reached limits if customer previously exceeded limits (earlier than current order)
  • added feature to define brakpoint date - addon will not analyse purchases placed BEFORE this date

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Hello Vekia,

PS / Maximum product quantity per customer v1.6.7 - by MyPresta.eu

there are two front office problems related to the module:

1.  After the installation of the module, the QuickView (fancybox) is not appear correctly ... it seems that the module generates this behavior. Please see attached print screen.

2. Also in the mobile version without module the QuickView window is fixed. After the module installation, in the mobile version, the QuickView window is scrolling up and down, which is not correct, comparing with the behavior in the shop without the module.  

Please can you check ?

Thank you !


Maximum product quantity per customer.png

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as you know - with this module you can limit total product qty purchases to specific time-frame. From now you can create a daily limit
- daily limit of product quantity purchases
- weekly limit of product quantity purchases
- monthly limit of product quantity purchases
- annual limit of product quantity purchases
- total product quantity purchases limit (no time limit)

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