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CSV Category import ERROR

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I keep getting this error "(ID: XXX) cannot be saved" for lots of my categories. I will post the CSV file and tell you my steps, so maybe someone can explain why is this problem. Aslo, if you take a look at the picture, on line 2 you will se "Property Category->name is not valid", and I didn't specify that in any of the lines from the CSV file, so I'm a bit confused.


After making this sample file I:


- uploaded it into the CSV import tab

- selected the "," as the separator value

- used coding ISO 8859-1, as the way I saved the file

- disabled force ID

- enabled delete all categories before import

- hit upload and then this error showed up


I uploaded the full (or at least how much I could capture) error message, and the CSV file as a dropobx download, since I'm not allowed (for some reason) to upload it here directly.


CSV file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7agxer3472yhhg9/categories_test.csv?dl=0


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