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[SOLVED] Hide Product Features

Nicolas Lecloux

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Hi guys, i need some help.


What i want to do:


I have some product features that i want to add in the Layered navigation block but because their descriptions are too long and it doesn't look nice i want to create a second feature with only a Yes or No description.

The second one is the one that i want to hide completely from the product.


Features example:


Washing Machine : Capacity: 9 kg - Spin speed: 1600 rpm - Quick wash time: 30 minutes - Energy rating: A+++

Washing Machine : Yes <<-- I want to hide this in the product


If there is another way for the Layered navigation block to

search by displaying if the there is any kind of value in the washing machine feature work for me too. But as far as i know it will display the exact value of the feature.


I hope that there is a solution to my problem.



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I found the solution by editing the product.tpl and adding the if statement after the foreach

<section class="page-product-box">
				<h3 class="page-product-heading">{l s='Data sheet'}</h3>
				<table class="table-data-sheet">
					{foreach from=$features item=feature}
					{if ($feature.name !='the_name_of_the_feature') && ($feature.name !='the_name_of_the_feature2')}
					<tr class="{cycle values="odd,even"}">
						{if isset($feature.value)}
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thank you for posting solution

im going to mark this topic as solved


with regards,






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