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Can I use a CDN to serve a specific module


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I need some expert help.

My server is in Iran where facebook is filtered (i.e. it is not possible to access it, unless you use a vpn)

I am trying to implement a module that needs to communicate with facebook to create photo Albums for my prestashop installation (v. But it does work because the server (being in Iran) cannot connect to facebook.

Of course, I could move the website on a server outside the country, but then the performance really suffers from it.

If I could have just this module run from a server outside the country it would work great!


Can I use a cdn, to run/serve this module? (I know that cdns are for serving static content but I was wondering if I could use it to bypass the filters!).


Would that work? if yes, what are the steps to implement it!

Is there any other solution?


Any help is really welcome! Thanks!

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CDN's are meant to be used for static assets (images, css, javascript).  They cannot execute php code.  But really you should address your question to the provider of the CDN and see if they have a solution for you.


Alternatively, you can locate another hosting company, install PHP code that you need to execute remotely, and then do a server to server call from your module to the remote server.  The remote server should return the content you need to your module.

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