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[SOLVED] Avoid credit points in loyalty program, if buy through eBay


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Hi there to everyone!

Does somebody know, what should I change in the module files of the loyalty program, to avoid that buyer who buy on eBay (eBay module connected with prestashop) got also points in there new created account? 

This is what I mean with an example:
Customer buy a product of 1€ through my website, and got 1 point.

in Customer buy a product of 1€ on eBay, a new order and user is created in BO, and this new created account, have also already 1point, because he earned if through eBay. I want, that if somebody buy through eBay, he don't get any point.

Can somebody help me please?

Thanks in advance to everyone :)



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It was a real stupid thing. If somebody should be interested, here is what I do.

As I think everybody now, in loyalty program (I'm using version v 1.8), you can choose when credit the account of a customer with points. Here I select "In preperation", but obviously you can choose what you think is best for you, a status that you apply to every oder made through your internet site.

I simply add a new status with "eBay order in preperation" and the same template as "in preperation", and I will select it everytime I'm prepare an order through eBay, so it dosn't credit the point. 

Best wishes,


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