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Prestashop 1.6 localhost redirects to live url


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I have a prestashop store.I have downloaded the source from ftp and imported the database as well.I want to set it up on my localhost.I am using wamp on windows 7.I have set my db credentials in setting.inc.php.When I access the front end it redirects me to the live url.The admin is ok ie its accessing through localhost.

I have edited the ps_shop_url table and changed the domain and domainssl to localhost and physical url to /myproject/.

I have also changed the ps_configuration table and changed PS_SHOP_DOMAIN = localhost and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL=localhost

I have also deleted my .htaccess file.

But the issue is still there.It redirect me to the live url.I have spent alot of time but in vain.Kindly help me I am new to prestashop.I have installed prestashop 1.6 version.

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