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Google Adword tracking codes trouble.


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Hi there, 


I am trying to figure it out, where to place the tracking codes for my adword campaigns. I have 2 codes - for tracking signups and for tracking sales.


For the signups, I am using the short version - no address. So when the account is created, the user ends in "my account", if I place it here, wouldn't it be a problem every time someone goes there - to check orders, etc.?

If this is the right place, in which file exactly, and where in the code I place it?


For the sales. Here I have 2 scenarios:

1. When they order a "free sample", the order is free, no payment, so it is executed when you click next on the step of the checkout, where you select your shipping method. When you click next, the order is completed and you are sent to "my orders page"  Do I add the code here? If so, in which file and where in the code?


 I have a side question here - could I add a confirmation page to the process and if possible - how?


2. When a regular product is ordered. Only payment method is paypal, when the payment is made, the client is redirected to a page, which states that the order is completed and gives details like order number, transaction number, etc...

There is "back" link to "my orders". How do I find this page and where should I place the code?


Im with Any help will be much appreciated.

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