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specifik category listing - module needed?


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Im working on a new concept with my store, and I need some tools to simplify the process (import from a list, and list the products).

Problem is, that the products are hundreds, maybe even thousands that needs to be listed, and there will be no description or picture of the product. Therefore, i would like to make a specific listing on only this 1 category, rest of the page should remain normal. Allright, so the page in question is located here:



At the moment, only 1 product is listed, but many will be added when this function works (if its possible).


What i want to achieve, is a display of many products a bit like in a excel file, easy overview of the names, and listed maybe 100 pr. page. This image i created to generate something similar (only 3 products listed though):



Is it possible to do this? Im willing to pay a bit for the modification, but would really prefer it to be made as a module that overwrites the default theme just for 1 catagory (that can be selected in the module configurator)



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