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Ebay Categories will not be imported during Setup


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Ebay Module 1.9.2


i tried to install the ebay module that came together with Prestashop

I was able to install the ebay business account inside the module config page.

when i then pressed the button save&forward my entries are saved but nothing more happens.

it didnt changed to the next step with categories.

i then changed to the category button manually and only see the running symbol below categories.

nothing happens and no ebay categories are imported.

the same happens after i pressed the reload category button.


i deinstalled the module completly and deleted from my server, cleared the cache and reinstalled the ebay module again.

the same procedure as before....


so im not able to work with this module at the moment, cause i dont get any categories


is there anybody having the same problem and knows any kind of solution?


thank you in advise

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super that you found that all...

but also on 64bit its the same problem.


But what´s the solution for this Bug???


That is the major question here.


So if you found a working and stable solution it would be very good for all others to know that.


thank you

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you can test your intiger size with this smal script.






or in the shell


php -r 'echo PHP_INT_MAX;'


there is no solution too increse the integer size in php. i hope they can fix the ebay extension. i am not 100% shure that this is the problem. but it looks like.

the ebay extension put in the database in all ebay ebay_category_id 2147483647 when i is higher then 2147483647


here is my Database:


id_ebay_store_category id_ebay_profile ebay_category_id name order ebay_parent_category_id 353 1 1 #### 0 0 354 1 #### #### 0 0 355 1 #### #### 2 0 356 1 #### #### 3 0 357 1 2147483647 #### 4 0 358 1 2147483647 #### 5 0 359 1 2147483647 #### 6 0 360 1 2147483647 #### 7 0 361 1 2147483647 #### 8 0 362 1 2147483647 #### 1 0 363 1 2147483647 #### 0 2147483647 364 1 2147483647 #### 1 2147483647 365 1 2147483647 #### 2 2147483647

generated 2015-02-10 17:45:49

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The problem has been recognised by 202commerce, and will be fixed on next release.


The fix for the moment is the following. In EbayStoreCategoryConfiguration.php change these two lines with the second.


// Line 38
'ebay_category_id' => (int)$ebay_category_id,
'ebay_category_id'    => (string)$ebay_category_id,

// Line 52
Db::getInstance()->Execute("UPDATE "._DB_PREFIX_."ebay_store_category_configuration SET ebay_category_id = '".(int)$ebay_category_id."' WHERE id_ebay_store_category_configuration = '".(int)$id."'");
Db::getInstance()->Execute("UPDATE "._DB_PREFIX_."ebay_store_category_configuration SET ebay_category_id = '".(string)$ebay_category_id."' WHERE id_ebay_store_category_configuration = '".(int)$id."'");


After this, go in your database, table ps_ebay_store_category and change the type of data of ebay_category_id and ebay_parent_category_id from INT to VARCAR.

In the table ps_ebay_store_category_configuration change the type of data of ebay_category_id from INT to VARCAR.


Now the problem is fixed. Go into you eBay module and click the button to load eBay store categories, it should work now.


i don't want to go off topic, but there are two other big problems still present in 1.9.2 module version:

  • order sync stopped by a special character, sync won't work anymore even if that char is added into the str_replace function in EbayOrder.php
  • when on eBay a order contains two identical items, but with two different measures (ie same shoes, different size numbers) the order on Prestashop has two items with the same size

If someone has solutions for these bugs (especially the first), please PM me or post it on the forums. Thank you.

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