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Someone should develope a inexpensive  module that allows us to type in the name of any cookie file we want and be able to save the cookie contents in a db table for visits, carts, orders, payments.  There are alot of scripts out there that use cookies and it would be nice to know if any of those cookie holders are visiting my prestashop.   It would be nice to be able to do this by cookie name.

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sure np.... 


there are several places that i advertise my site, forums, my own php scripts. I know i can track visitors several ways but sometimes its not enough to really get a good picture of if your marketing is working or not.  Now with that said, the places i advertise use cookies and i know the names of those cookies, it would be nice to be able to look at the db table or even a normal page of output (nothing fancy) and see if anyone of those cookies names or cookie data is listed in the db.


For example just two uses here out of many:


lets say that i want to know if one of my affiliates visits my site and is looking at something.   The affiliate has a cookie on their machine from my software and if prestashop had the infomation from that cookie, i would be able to custom taylor ads for that affiliate because i know what they are looking at on the site.




lets say that one of my affiliates referrs a customer to prestashop, well right now i might be able to capture the sale but i wont be able to know which affiliate the commission goes to unless i can get the ip of the customer or unless i can read my cookie within prestashop.


So thats why it would be nice if could just tell prestashop, hey watch for this cookie name will ya and store it if anyone visits with that name...  

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