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obtain payment details


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i have an external software that has a seperate db and im working on a payment integration/bridge.  The idea is to let prestashop do the paypal process as usual, i just need to grab a copy of the ipn when it comes thru or save it for later use in my other db. 


Which is easier, getting a copy of the ipn from prestashop once its received from paypal.  Or  trigging a flag on the prestashop side when the payment happens so that i know when to grab the new payment details from the prestashop db.


All i need so far is


product id


transaction id


full sale amount







this table is a start but not everything




any suggestions

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Which Paypal module are you using?  USA, Europe or something else?


In either case, the modules provide a notification URL to Paypal to receive the IPN.  Also depending on the module and checkout (standard, express etc...) there may or may not be an IPN.


So first we need to determine which module and checkout option you are going to use.  You may be able to alter the paypal module IPN file, and apply your logic directly in there.

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thank so much :)    yeah first thing i saw on the page was they used the custom field lol... i guess everyone goes for that cause there is only one that i know of and ppal wont make more. I asked them one time long time ago  how come they only have one custom field and their excuse was that it was in the original architecture and they have no plans to add more custom fields.  At least thats the way it used to be.  But i guess i can use size or something else that is not used if i need to use something..  Ill have to take a ponder at their api var list again.


Thanks so much for the info :)

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Been awhile since i worked on a paypal process, not to say that things have changed but i certainly dont remember some of this so i thought i might mention it in case someone else needs help.


A few things i have gathered in the last few days:


Paypal prefers CURL process.

If you have an older process from the php4+ days it probably wont work as they have either stopped supporting some things such as the  fp get process  and its now a some steam_method.

You also have to remember that sandbox does not support hosted buttons, so you cant test with a hosted button, you have to write a full test form to test with.

You also must now use the rm input if you use the notify_url input, this will decide between $_GET or $_POST

mc_gross can now be mc_gross or mc_gross1 so you need to include that in your code.

You can now how multiple on0 input names and they will be spit out in succession under dif names (its an oddball name i dont remember it) in the array post or get.  I think its called option_name and will be 1 2 3.... and so on..


Hope that helps someone... :)

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