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Hi there, 


I have links showing on my Categories footer, but don't know what code to use to make these links change with the languages.  Can anyone help me with this? So far the "purchase" category works with each language on the footer.  Here is the code for the blockcategories_footer.tpl...

<!-- Block categories module -->
<section class="blockcategories_footer footer-block col-xs-12 col-sm-2">
	<div class="category_footer toggle-footer">
			<p class="title_block"><section><section><a href="http://logiciastm.com/index.php">{l s='Home' mod='blockcategories'}</a></section></section></p>
			<a href={$link->getCMSCategoryLink(3)} alt="">Info</a>
			<p class="title_block"><section><a href="http://logiciastm.com/index.php?id_cms=36&controller=cms&id_lang=1">{l s='Choosing Tools' mod='blockcategories'}</a></section></p>

		<div class="list">
			<ul class="tree {if $isDhtml}dhtml{/if}">
			{foreach from=$blockCategTree.children item=child name=blockCategTree}
				{if $smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last}
					{include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child last='true'}
					{include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child}
				{if ($smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.iteration mod $numberColumn) == 0 AND !$smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last}
	</div> <!-- .category_footer -->
	<div class="category_footer">
		<div class="list">
			<ul class="tree {if $isDhtml}dhtml{/if}">
				<a href="http://logiciastm.com/index.php?id_cms=1&controller=cms&id_lang=1">{l s='Shipping' mod='blockcategories'}</a>
	</div> <!-- .category_footer -->

<!-- /Block categories module -->
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