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Dev to production migration workflow

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I am working out the deployment procedures required to migrate changes from a development environment to a production environment. The simplified flow below intentionally ignores test and staging for brevity.


The flow is similar to the following:


Step 1: Clone production site to development server


This creates a point in time snapshop of the production environment to begin new modifications.


Step 2: Modify theme, store configurations, install modules, etc.


Everything but product, customer, and order related tables are modified. Only core and module tables, along with theme code is changed here.


Step 3: Migrate core system, theme and module modifications to production.


Push all core & module changes to production overwritting production core and module tables, and push all new code / theme code to production. No customer, order, or product data is modified.


Step 4: Start over from Step 1 when new core system, theme, or module modifications are required.


For step three I would like to only migrate the non-customer / order / product related tables.


My question:


Does anyone have a list of which tables are required for customer, order, and product functionality so that I can exclude those from the migration scripts?

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Hi coreym, did you manage to do this, or did you get a good answer in any other forum?

Yours is an excelent description of an usual problem, but I can't find any answer to it neither in the PS documentation neither in the forums.


These are some answers I've found and that I think you can find interesting:

https://www.reddit.com/r/prestashop/comments/4ytais/migrate_development_to_production_setup/ (keep an eye on this thread in case a good answer is posted)


Kind regards,


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