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Own module is loaded, displayed in administration, but can not be installed


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Hello everyone,

I created my first module. I loaded it to server to modules folder. It is displayed in prestashop back office as not install. I am logged in my PrestaShop Addons profile. 

When I press install button for my module, than prestashop informs me that module is not secure and asks me for proceed with installation. I confirm it, but prestashop dispays error message simillar to this "You have no rights to update this module. Pleas check, that you are logged into PrestaShop Addons account, which you used for purchasing of module."


Finally I have no possibility to install my own module. Which I created myself.


I tried to fined some help in google and in this forum, but no luck.


Can you help me pleas?   

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Well It is a rare case and for installing modules, prestashop addon account is not necessary, But you must have access to the back office module taba and rights to configure. Can you send me your module so that I'll test on my side ? 

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