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I am missing something with SQL injection


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Hi guys, 


I know that prestashop is protected against SQL injections, I read that on forums and have no probleme trusting that point. But I was playing with code I there is a basic thing I should miss, but I'm able to do a SQL injection, at least to get hacked result from the database.


Imagine I hava a customer table like : customer(id, username,email,firstname,lastname)


And on the other hand a form asking for username (field added and classe overrided) and email (to get firstname and lastname)


The code for sql request should be :


$query = new DbQuery();
$query->where('username = "'.(string)$username.'"');
$query->where('email = "'.(string)$email.'"');

return Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->getValue($query);



In the form I Typed :


login : testuser

password: " OR '1' = '1' OR ""="


The SQL query passed to the server is :


SELECT firstname,lastname 
FROM `vdh_customer`
WHERE (username = "testuser") AND (email = "" OR '1' = '1' OR ""="")


And gives me back result....


Is that considered as SQL INJECTION ? Or Am I doing something really bad like a newbie ?


Thanks for your advices, I'm getting lost with that and troubling my mind.




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