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Dreamweaver CS5 Search to include .tpl files

PrestaHeroes USA

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Sure thing, right.. this will vary a little depending what operating system you're on (and you'd have to google for macs, not a clue on those)


You'll need to find your user appdata folder. Aaah, just learnt a new and better trick, while checking the path for win8.. handy


Ok, what you need to do is either:


Open up your windows menu, type in the run/search field at the bottom:

Or press the windows key + r and it should bring up the same entry field:


Type %appdata% and enter, it'll open up the correct folder


From there, look for a folder called Adobe, then for the relevant Dreamweaver folder, for me it's /Adobe/Dreamweaver CS5.5/


There should be a language folder in there, just click into that (will vary depending on your language)


Click into Configuration


There are now 2 changes you need to make, I'd also recommend taking a backup copy of each file before you make the change, just in case. You will also want to make sure your dreamweaver is closed when you edit these files:


---- 1st ----


Open up Extensions.txt in notepad or equivalent


Near the top you should see a bunch of file extentions, with a line ending

:All Documents


Change that to be:


,LESS,SASS,SCSS:All Documents




A little further down you will also find a line ending

:Style Sheets


Change that to:


,LESS,SASS,SCSS:Style Sheets


Then save and close that one


---- 2nd ----


Open up DocumentTypes/MMDocumentTypes.xml


Try searching for a line like:




Change that to:




If you're having trouble finding it, try looking for: id="CSS"

Should also take you to the same line


Save and close that file




That should be it, open up dreamweaver and you should then be able to both search for data within less/sass files, and whenever you're working with them, it will also give you css colouring options for readability as well as the auto complete prompts for the styles

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That'll let you open the files in code view in dreamweaver, but it doesn't have the css code prompts, and it wasn't for me letting me search through the files when you do something like search the entire local site.


As for -why- it wouldn't allow the searching.. no clue, it does it fine for tpl files, but for some reason it never worked for less or sass. Possibly it's version based? But it wouldn't do so for three people here in the office on seperate machines and operating systems, so assumed it was a global issue

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