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Sort productlist in Cart and Order


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I want to sort my products in Cart en the order by product-name instead of id_product.

Some customers order 100 products. All these products are sorted by id. That's is terrible for me. 

So I want to sort by name


I know i have to change something in the file cart.php  map classes


// Build ORDER BY
$sql->orderBy('p.id_product,cp.id_product_attribute, cp.date_add ASC');
But what do I have to change to sort the cart by product name.
Prestashop 1.5.6

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you must change add  pl.`name` if you are in prestashop 1.6 like that.


    $sql->orderBy(' pl.`name`,p.`id_product`, cp.`id_product_attribute`, cp.`date_add` ASC');

bye bye

Will this work with PS 


"change order by clause in

$sql->orderBy('p.id_product, cp.id_product_attribute, cp.date_add ASC');



$sql->orderBy('pl.name ASC, cp.id_product_attribute, cp.date_add ASC'); 

your list will be sortted by product name ASCENDING (pl.name ASC)


it's a part of classes/Cart.php (getProducts()) funciton"

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