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Allow choosing quantity in the product list

Issam A

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Dear All,


I've installed prestashop and I'm facing a kind of issue which will add slowness to my shopping process, i would like to add the (-) | quantity | (+) to my add to cart to let be easy for customer with no need to check the product details (choose quantity for any product on the product list, chose teh quantity + + + + and click add to cart).


For example the page below (which is not using prestashop)




Thank you in advance for your help.



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Hi Vekia,


For my first post, i would like to thank you for your reply and for all the information you share (i've visited many pages you proposed solution)


For the link you sent, i didn't find any link to check only one post (yours).


For other topics you aleady shared, i've been able to add quantity (thank you again :) ) as below 




but with no + and - buttons, the user should add manualy the value he wants, my goal is to add two buttons (plus) and (minus).


thanks in advance for your assistance.

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